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Frequently asked Questions

What is MovieNight?

Movienight is The place to find movie inspiration. It lists movies according to their popularity online. Movienight also lists available online streams for movies so that you can watch the movie straight away from your computer.

In order to help you figure out what movie to watch you can filter (not sort):

How it works

This website automaticly scans the web for new movies on BluRay/DVD and new available Streamed Movies. The technical details of this is a secret but I can say that it uses several API's and some scraping.

My company supplies streamed movies and we would like to be listed on MovieNight! How?

Please send a message below!

Why is it not possible to sort titles by imdb-rating?

MovieNights' purpose is to provide inspiration based on popular movies. You can filter out movies above a certain rating instead.

If you are only interested in finding movies with the highest imdb-rating, does that for you. Imdb does not however sort them by popularity. They also do not provide any list of movies available on DVD/BluRay outside the US. Neither do they provide streamed sources to watch the movies online.

Why is it not possible to search for any movie not just streamed movies?

MovieNights' intent is to 1) provide inspiration or 2) provide sources for streamed movies. MovieNights' database contains for the most part popular movies since the day it started in 2009. It is not a complete library of all movies in the world. For that you can use instead.

The streamed source is not the correct movie, why?

MovieNight finds streamed movies with a (light) search engine, it cannot distinguish beteen Largo and Argo when serching for the movie "Argo". This is partly because some stream providers write their movies titles in UPPERCASE.

Who created Movienigh?

All parts of Movienight was created by Oskar Mothander; design, frontend, backend. Some inspirational help with design and features has come from family and friends though.